Sunday, 25 February 2018

6pdr Anti Tank Gun

Ive been painting up a 6pdr AT Gun for my Konfikt 47 force.
I found this in the lead pile (I had completely forgotten that I had it!!)
I think it could be from Battle Honors Miniatures but I'm not sure, 
as I bought it second hand & the Battle Honors website doesn't have very many pictures!
I have used the same method as previous posts for making & painting the wrinkly tin (using fizzy drink cans & a homemade press)
Hope you all like it

Sunday, 11 February 2018

K47 Rift Grenadiers

Started making some Rift Grenadiers for Konflikt 47
LI have used Warlord Plastic Brits, Westwind Productions SotR British gas mask heads & Warlord/Wargames Factory Survivors Sa80’s. 
I have cut the helmets from the Westwind heads so that the helmets with scrim netting can be glued onto them. 
The Sa80’s have been trimmed down to represent EM2 assault rifles. 
Left to right are the SA80-A2, XL 60 and EM-2
I have used the commando rucksacks & added an extra ammo pouch to represent the case for the Tabby night scope. 

Friday, 2 February 2018

K47 Reinforcements


Finished up some reinforcements for K47, Basic troops will do for Bolt Action as well.
I'm still not spending a lot of time on stuff as I'm wanting to get 1250pts painted pretty quickly.
As well as the troops above, I have some more Automatons

An Automated Carrier, I love this model,
I think it must be my favourite in the K47 range.
It still needs matt varnishing though

I've also taken a picture of a figure that I painted a while ago that I don't think I've shown before
Cheers keith

Monday, 22 January 2018

REME pin marker finished

Well I've managed to get the newest pin marker finished for K47/Bolt action.
He has been painted wearing denims,
an overall type of battle dress that tended to be a greener shade than regular battle dress.


Sunday, 21 January 2018

Fantastic shield maiden Kickstarter coming up

Annie at Bad Squiddo games has a new Shieldmaiden kickstarter coming on the 
23rd of January.
Freyjas Wrath starts at 6pm GMT.

Theres some superb miniatures in this, especially if you are wanting to start a new Viking army for Saga 2


Sunday, 14 January 2018

Another New Pin Marker

Just finished making a new pin marker for K47/Bolt Action.
Its supposed to represent a REME Engineer,
holding (swinging) an adjustable spanner made from plasticard.
The figure is a plastic British inafantryman with all the webbing removes & a Warlord Games metal 
SAS head wearing a beret & goggles. 
I made most of the tools from plasticard & bits of brass rod.

The screw driver was made from plastic coated wire & the tool box is plastic box section.
The wooden box is a resin cast that I had, I don’t know the manufacturer though.
I also added a spare upper arm section from a K47 British Atomaton, if I can find a suitably small bolt I will add that, somewhere, to the base as well
I think that the only thing that is really missing is a mug o tea 😁

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

750pts For Konflikt 47

Just finished 750pts for the Weird War 2 game Konflikt 47

I had already painted the HQ figures & the Infantry Figures are Warlord Games plastic infantry, with TAG metal rifles instead of the plastic ones. I don't think that the painting is as good as I normally do, as I wanted to actually be able play a game before next year!!!!

The AT rifle is the one that I have previously posted
These WWW2 figures are from the Warlord K47 range Automated Infantry with MMG's.
The Automated Infantry are a pain to put together but worth it, I think they are my favourite models

Next up is a squad of Galahad Armoured Infantry all armed with LMG'S

Next is my version of a Guardian Light Walker.
I'm too tight to buy an official one, especially when I have some 1:35 scale Melusine MaK suits that would do the job. All I had to do was add a 50cal HMG another MMG on the right arm & cobbled together a flame thrower out of 40k weapons for the left arm & add a light from an old Ork dreadnought, some old Ork shoulder pads & a Visor/Window from a bit of plasticard.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

New Pin Marker

Just finished a new Pin Marker fo Bolt Action/Konflict 47

Shes from Colonel Bills in there Belt Fed Gaming range on a Warbases maker

Saturday, 23 December 2017

AT rifle team WIP Update

The loader is now completed
The base just needs sanding & then onto the difficult part of getting off my arse & painting them đŸ€”

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Boys AT rifle for Konflict 47

Just started work on a Boys AT Rifle team to use in Konflict 47

Ive used a plastic warlord games british infantryman, same technique for the wall as done for the home guard. 
The Boys AT Rifle is a 1:35 one cut down, with a metal rod added for the barrel & a plastic rod flash suppressor. I added a shield from plasticard just to make it look a bit different.